Book summary: Sugarland


In 1921, young jazz pianist Eve Riser is caught in a drive-by shooting that kills the bootlegger standing next to her. Rescued by the bootlegger’s sister Lena, Eve recovers only to find that her pregnant stepsister Chickie, a popular nightclub singer, has vanished.

Eve and Lena navigate the speakeasies and jazz clubs of 1920s Chicago as they search for Chickie and the truth behind the murder. Along the way they encounter petty thugs, charismatic bandleaders, and a mysterious nightclub owner called the Walnut who seems to be the key to it all. Fighting racial barriers at every turn, Eve and Lena begin to unravel a twisted tale of secret shipments and gangster rivalry. Sugarland mixes the excitement of a new kind of music—jazz—with the darker side of Prohibition in this gripping story.

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