Book summary: Sextet


Journalist Lindsay Drummond is about to re-make her life: she plans to move out of London, change her job, and above all cure herself of her hopeless love for her unfairly handsome colleague, Rowland McGuire. Deadline day is Hallowe'en - but an encounter then with Rowland's friend, Colin Lascelles, a man much less innocent than he seems, quickly teaches hear that the best-laid plans can go delightfully awry...
In New York, actress Natasha Lawrence is also trying to rebuild her life. Pursued by a stalker for the past five years, still to her ex-husband, the celebrated film director Thomas Court, she retreats with her son to the precincts of the exclusive - and haunted - Conrad apartment building. But will it provide her the security she so desperately seeks, and will she and her husband be albe to lay to rest the ghosts of their past?

Lindsay's and Natasha's lives become inextricably entangled; when the cast of characters gathers for Thanksgiving at the sinister Conrad building, anything can happen, for romance and retribution, marrige and murder are in the air.

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