Book summary: Scrooge Wore Spurs


As hard as the land he works, rancher Eben MacCallister has devoted his life and sacrificed his happiness to making his ranch profitable. Now, with an unscrupulous banker threatening to foreclose on his land, Eben can only hope that his late sister has left him the money she took years ago before she abandoned him. But Eben's inheritance is a far cry from what he expected: four hungry kids with enough sass, energy, and questions to make ranching look easy ... Maggie knows she shouldn't laugh, but the, sight of Eben trying to feed a squawking baby while corralling three more untamed little ones is poetic justice. Once, Maggie hoped to raise kids of their own with Eben ... before life hardened his heart and turned them from lovers into sparring partners. She can't imagine how Eben will become both mommy and daddy to a pack of wounded kids. But at Christmas, wishes have a way of coming true, and hearts have a way of healing especially when love is waiting patiently under the tree.

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