Book summary: Man of Mine


The touch of a hand...the look of love...sometimes that's all you need. I hope you enjoy these stories--I enjoyed updating them for you.
To Tell The Truth

Deep powder, blue skies, and the excitement of downhill skiing...Andrea Grant can't resist another run, but she's got a not-so-secret admirer. Tell Stafford can't resist her energy or her fresh beauty and the mountain air of Nevada puts a sexy sparkle in Andrea's eyes. And Tell intends to kiss her rosy lips as soon as the sun goes down...

For Mike's Sake

A year after her divorce, Maggie Rafferty moves to Seattle to raise her ten-year-old son, Mike. Puget Sound, Pike's Market, the Space Needle--Mike loves the city but he misses his dad so Maggie has to let Wade Rafferty visit. She reminds herself that her ex once seemed like everything she ever wanted in a man--and that they promised to love and cherish each other forever. Now, when Wade takes Maggie in his arms again, she remembers exactly why...

Remember when you first fell in love? It's time to get that feeling again...

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