Book summary: Double Death: a Murder Story


The story begins with Emma Farland, a widowed middle age woman who tyrannises her niece Millie Pink and even more so since she became mysteriously ill. Emma Farland believes she is being poisoned but can’t decide who the culprit is. Her three main contenders are Millie, John Farland (the son of her late husband’s younger brother) and Penelope Cheedle (the daughter of Emma’s primary doctor and also John’s fiancée) and Emma changes her will constantly to try and see who it might be. The doctors are puzzled by Emma’s symptoms and question how real some of them are. Emma’s lawyer decides to settle the matter by having Nurse Ponting take care of her. Yet Nurse Ponting never makes it to Emma, being found dying from an overdose of Sleepine in the local train station’s toilets, the day she is supposed to arrive. The events running up to this leave it open as to who might have had a hand in this death. Why was she bumped off? Does it connect with Emma’s ill health? When death strikes again this question seems to be answered. With each writer taking the story in a different direction, no character is above suspicion and not everyone is what they seem.

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