Book summary: Corrie Ten Boom: Her Story


"The Hiding Place" --with over 2 million copies in print--is a spellbinding account of Corrie ten Boom's harrowing experiences during World War II. When the Nazis came to Holland, Corrie and her devoutly Christian family instinctively began providing "hiding places" for persecuted Jews. Corrie spent several months in a concentration camp as a result of her brave actions, and she discovered a profound comfort: "No pit is so deep that the love of God is not deeper still!" After her release from the concentration camp, Corrie ten Boom set out to become what she calls a "tramp for the Lord, " traveling around the world at the direction of God, proclaiming His message everywhere. In "Tramp for the Lord," Corrie relates stories about people whose lives she has touched--and those who have touched her's--in her journeys for the Lord. Her tireless travels enabled her to share with people all over the globe the many lessons she learned in God's great classroom.

In "Jesus Is Victor," Corrie's warm, personal style compels you to experience the richness of God's love and power. She teaches us the secret of forgiveness and offers relief from distress, worry, and fear, showing that when we trust in God, He provides the courage and strength we need to face life unafraid.

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