Book summary: City of Stone


Since London awaits each installment of his Sherlock Holmes stories with bated breath, Arthur Conan Doyle would seem to be a lucky man. But he also has a bit of a problem. His publisher George Lippincott, on a trip to Edinburgh, has turned up dead. And not merely dead - murdered in a lurid scene drawn from one of Doyle's as yet unpublished stories. When Doyle appeals to the Scotland Yard forensics team for help, Tom and Davy, both avid Sherlockians, jump at the chance, but the unit leader, Detective Trevor Welles, is not so sure. He finds Doyle and his brilliant fictional sleuth ludicrous and suspects the "murder" is little more than a publicity stunt staged by an arrogant author and his greedy publisher. It is only when Emma Kelly, another member of the team and the object of Trevor's affection, receives a valuable pearl from an anonymous source - the opening scene of The Sign of the Four - that Trevor agrees they must indeed take Scotland Yard to Scotland.

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