Book summary: Bang


Music is just a dream for open-mike regular Brayden Copeland—until a chance meeting with one of the biggest producers in the industry changes everything. Suddenly he’s quitting his day job and joining America’s hottest band, Virtuous Paradox. But life’s a little empty without his best friend, Natalie, and her daughter, Maggie, so he invites them to move to Los Angeles with him. Brayden won’t let anything come between him and Natalie—not even the scorching one-night stand he’s never been able to forget.

All their plans seem to be working out perfectly. The band’s taking off, and Natalie has found a job as a nurse at a local hospital. Then a health scare puts everyone into crisis mode. As Virtuous Paradox rallies their fan base for support, Natalie and Brayden draw closer together. But when a bombshell secret drops, Brayden suddenly sees the most important person in his world in a whole new light—and he’s forced to decide whether Natalie might be more than “just a friend.”

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