Vanessa Waltz: Biography

Vanessa Waltz

Vanessa Waltz is a romance writer from Northern California. She is also an artist and a strong advocate of Marijuana. Waltz is a graduate from Wellesley College. She studied double bachelors in Sociology and Studio Arts in 1994. It was probably her major courses in Bachelors that developed her interest in arts and dark literature. Being born in North Carolina and being brought up in Mexico also made her a keen observer of negative aspects of society that are clearly reflected in her books and poems as well.

Personal preferences of Waltz made her to step into erotic, romantic and dark literature. Her series titled as ‘Bad Boy Empire’ series is considered one of her most popular and appreciated erotic novels by the readers. She has written over 12 books that belong to the genre of Romance, suspense, mafia and eroticism. These books have been well received by the fans of Waltz.

Currently, Vanessa Waltz is working on her 13th book from Bad Boy Empire Series that has been announced recently on her twitter handle.