Tamora Pierce: Biography

Tamora Pierce

13 dec 1954

Tamora Pierce is an American author. She was born in Pennsylvania in 1954. Her unusual first name is the result of a mistake when her birth was registered. Her mother wanted her to be named Tamara, but the nurse filling out the forms misspelt the name and so she was called Tamora instead.

Her works of fiction are primarily fantasy novels for teenage and young adult readers. Most of her stories feature strong female protagonists. Pierce has said that her interest in fantasy novels was sparked when she read Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings as a child. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and while studying as an undergraduate, she completed the manuscripts which would become the four novels in The Song of the Lioness series.

Many of her books have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. Tamora has also been awarded the Margaret A Edwards Award, which is given to authors who are deemed to have made a lasting contribution to literature for teenagers and young adults.

Her first series of books was published throughout the eighties and concerns the trials and tribulations of a girl named Alanna as she undergoes her training to become a knight. Her books tend to raise and deal with feminist issues.

In 2008, Tamora Pierce gave her complete archive of works to the Northern Illinois University and their department of Rare Books and Special Collections. She now lives with her husband, Tim Liebe, in Syracuse, New York.