Susan Ee: Biography

Susan Ee

Susan Ee is an American fantasy author renowned for her books about angels. She trained as a lawyer and worked in the legal profession for many years before becoming an author.

Ee didn’t go down the traditional route of publication for her first book. Instead of finding an agent and a publisher once she had a finished manuscript, she decided to self-publish. She wanted readers who would discover the book on their own and enjoy it for what it was, even if they were very few in number. She couldn’t have anticipated how popular and successful the books would become and she reluctantly found an agent and a publisher once she could no longer keep up with demand. Angelfall, the first of a trilogy, has since become an e-book bestseller, a finalist for the Cybils Award for Best Fantasy Book and has been translated into more than 20 different languages.

In interviews, Susan Ee has spoken about the inspiration for her angel characters. Although she maintains that there are no religious messages to be found her books, the original characters were inspired by angels in The Bible. She has said that she was fascinated by the destructive power of angels, and their involvement in destroying cities and turning people into salt. She has said that she wanted to experiment with what would happen if these traditional angels were unleashed unto our world, rather than the beautiful and serene stereotypes of angels which we tend to think of today.