Stella Gibbons: Biography

Stella Gibbons

05 jan 1902

Stella Gibbons was an English writer born in London in 1902. She was a journalist, poet and novelist who was most famed for her novel Cold Comfort Farm. Gibbons was raised in London with her two younger brothers. Gibbons attended the North London Collegiate School which was one of the first academic institutions committed to education young women. Stella left the school to go on to study journalism at University College London.

Gibbons began her writing career writing journalistic articles for British United Press. She was 30 years old when her first novel, Cold Comfort Farm, was first published. The novel was extremely well-received from the moment of its publication. It was critically-acclaimed for its mockery of purple prose and its refreshing look at both urban and rural lifestyles.

In 2011, more than twenty years after Gibbons’ death, Vintage published new editions of 14 works written by Stella Gibbons. These new editions sold more than 40,000 copies in just a few months after publication and Vintage have had to reprint on more than one occasion in order to keep up with the demand for Gibbon’s books. It was not just a new edition of her classic and most famous work, Cold Comfort Farm that was popular in reprint but many more of her books as well, proving that she was a prolific and successful writer all round, not just a one hit wonder.

Stella Gibbons died in London in 1989, aged 87. A blue plaque can now be seen outside the house where she wrote Cold Comfort Farm, honouring her among the likes of Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot and the Bronte sisters.