Sophie Jackson: Biography

Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson is a British romance author. She has always loved reading, and started her very first library collection at the age of 5. As soon as she learned to write she found that she loved that too and has never looked back. She wrote all throughout her childhood and adolescence, but found that she started to lose her motivation to write as she got older. She lacked inspiration and found it difficult to begin a story. She told all of her friends and family, and herself, that she didn’t have the time to write, when really she just didn’t know what to write about.

By day, Jackson works as an English teacher at a secondary school. When some of her students gave her a copy of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, and begged her to read it, she found the inspiration she had been looking for. She became completely absorbed by the storyline and the characters, desperate to find out more about them. When she ran out of books in the series, she began to devour fan fiction online. This was the inspiration she needed to begin writing her own novels. Sophie started to write the Pound of Flesh series and hasn’t looked back. Her novels were first published online, gaining 4.5 million reads, but have since been published in print by Simon & Schuster.

Sophie Jackson continues to teach full time and writes at the evenings and weekends. She is still adding to her Pound of Flesh series.