Shobhaa Rajadhyaksha: Biography

Shobhaa Rajadhyaksha

07 jan 1948

Fondly called the “Jackie Collins’ of India, Shobhaa De has several credits to her kitty. Multi – talented Shobhaa De has been a model, a copywriter, a journalist, a socialite, a script writer, a novelist and mother of six children.

Shobha Rajadhyaksha fondly known as ‘Shobhaa De’ was born on Jan 7, 1948 in a Brahmin Hindu family in Satara, Maharashtra, India and was brought up in Mumbai. She started her career as a Model. After gaining popularity and recognition as a model, Shobhaa De entered into the world of journalism.

Shobhaa De was the editor of magazines such as Stardust, Society and Celebrity. Stardust magazine gained its popularity under the editorship of Shobhaa De. During 1980’s, Shobhaa De wrote about celebrities lifestyle in Mumbai under the Sunday section of ‘The Times of India’.

Shobhaa De started gaining popularity as a columnist. She contributes four weekly columns for key newspapers such as ‘The Times of India’ and Asian Age. Shobhaa De also writes ‘Detour’ a fortnightly column for ‘The Week’. She conquered the hearts of her fans through her novels as well. Shobhaa De’s first novel named, ‘Socialite Evenings’ is considered semi-autobiographical.

‘Spouse – The Truth About Marriage’, another novel by Shobhaa De sold over twenty thousand copies on the day of its official launch. Few of her other novels include Second Thoughts, Sultry Days, Speedpost and Uncertain Liaisons. More than 17 of her novels climbed the bestselling books charts at once. Her works have been translated into many languages. The way she mixes Hindi and English in her writing became popular as ‘Hinglish’. Shobhaa De is a regular participant of several literary festivals including the Writers Festival in Melbourne. She is a participant of Bengaluru Literature Festival right from its first edition.

Being an outspoken journalist, Shobhaa De never hesitates to speak/ write her mind in spite of the criticisms. She writes about politics, economics, society and relationships. Shobhaa De continues to be a freelance writer and columnist for several newspapers and magazines.