Sherryl Woods: Biography

Sherryl Woods

23 jul 1944

Sherryl Woods, one of New York Times Best Selling author is famous for her works on romances and mysteries. Sherryl did many jobs before becoming an author. She was born on Jul 23, 1944 in Arlington, Virginia. With a degree in Journalism from Ohio State University, Sherryl Woods worked as a Journalist for more than ten years. She worked as a television editor and also as a co-ordinator for a motivational program for the employees of the University of Miami-Jackson Medical Centre.

Sherryl Woods was always interested in making up stories. She published her first book ‘Restoring Love’ in 1982 under the Pseudonym of Suzanne Sherrill. Her second book ‘Sand Castles’ was published under the name of Alexandra Kirk. From 1986 onwards, Sherryl devoted her entire time to write books.

Although Sherryl was born in Virginia, she also lived in Ohio, Florida and California spending enormous period in all the places. The best thing is that she earned a lot of friends and of course great memories. Sherryl is very close to her friends. She can live letting anything go away from her but not her friends. It is because of this nature that all books written by Sherryl revolve around family and friends.

Sherryl’s career started at Silhouette Books with the Desire title Not at Eight, Darling. With more than 100 romance and mystery novels to her credit which includes Amanda Robert Series and Molly Dewitt Series, Sherryl is still splendid physically as well as mentally. She has served as the President of the guild for Miami City Ballet for 3 terms.

Sherryl now spends her time between Key Biscayne, Florida and Colonial Beach, Virginia. When not writing, she spends her time gardening, although not a great gardener. Sherryl loves baseball, playing tennis and attending theatres.