Sheila Heti: Biography

Sheila Heti

25 dec 1976

This Canadian writer, turned out to be the New York Times best-selling author through her book, ‘How Should a Person Be?’ This book also became famous as ‘One of the most talked about books of the year’.

Being an art student, Sheila Heti also learned playwriting at the National Theatre School of Canada. ‘The Middle Stories’ was the first book written by Sheila when she was 24 years old. ‘Ticknor’, her first novel did not succeed as expected. So far, Sheila has written five books which include fiction and non-fiction.

Many books written by Sheila were best-sellers; Sheila co-edited one of the famous books, ‘Women in Clothes’ which captured the voices of 639 women from across the globe. The book, ‘The Chairs are Where the People Go’, which she wrote with her friend made headlines as ‘one of the Best Books of 2011’.

Apart from being an author, Sheila also created the popular lecture series named Trampoline Hall where experts from different fields talk about subjects outside their area of expertise. Sheila Heti is a notable speaker who has given lectures at various universities and literary festivals. She has also set her foot in the film industry by appearing in Margaux Williamson’s film, ‘Teenager Hamlet’.