Sarah J. Maas: Biography

Sarah J. Maas

05 mar 1986

Sarah Janet (J.) Maas was born in New York in 1986. She is an American author known for her science fiction and fantasy novels for teenage readers. She was raised in New York and went on to study creative writing and religious studies at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, graduating in 2008.

Sarah Maas began the draft of her first novel, Throne of Glass, at the age of 16. She posted chapters and extracts from the manuscript on a website called Her postings became some of the most popular and highly rated on the site. When she decided to try and get the book published, she removed the content. She found an agent in 2009, the year after she started sending her manuscript out for people to read. Throne of Glass was published by Bloomsbury in 2010. It has since been translated into 23 different languages.

Throne of Glass takes its inspiration from the story of Cinderella. The twist is that Cinderella is not a servant but instead is a hired assassin, tasked with the duty of killing the prince at the ball. Maas has said in interviews that there were two writers who inspired her to become a fantasy author: Garth Nix and Robin McKinley. She has also said that she takes inspiration from everything around her, not just from what she reads. Music plays a huge part in her creative process as does travelling, television and history.

Sarah J. Maas is now married and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their dog.