Sally Beauman: Biography

Sally Beauman

25 jul 1947

Sally Beauman was an amazing English journalist who turned into a New York Times Bestselling author and won recognition and praise for many of her works.

Born in Totnes, Devon, England on 25 Jul, 1947, Sally completed her graduation from Girton College, Cambridge. She started her career with New York magazine. Sally has also written for the Sunday Times magazine, edited Queen Magazine at the age of 24 and has also worked in other leading periodicals. She also became the Arts Editor of the Sunday Telegraph Magazine.

Sally happened to be the first recipient of the Catherine Pakenham Award for her journalism in 1970. What she started writing as an article about Daphne du Maurier’s work led to the internationally popular work, ‘Rebecca’s Tale’, which got translated into more than 20 languages.

‘Henry V’, a study of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 1975 Centenary production was considered Sally’s first work of non-fiction. Sally then started writing fiction. She created record for receiving a huge sum as advance for her first novel, ‘Destiny’ which also became to be an international best-seller.

Other novels including, ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘The Visitor’ followed. Sally Beauman who was popular in the writing fraternity had one failed marriage with Christopher Beauman, an economist. She is now married to actor Alan Howard whom she met during an interview and the couple has one son and two grandchildren.