Rebecca Wells: Biography

Rebecca Wells

Rebecca Wells is a well known novelist, actor and playwright whose works has been translated into 23 languages. Born in Louisiana, Rebecca always loved her family and her hometown the most. From childhood, Rebecca used to act in plays to entertain her siblings. This indeed cultivated the seed for her career in acting and writing.

After completing high school, Rebecca worked as a waitress in the park for quite some time which made her even more close to nature and cherished her writing skills. Rebecca studied English, theatre and psychology at Louisiana State University. She performed in many college plays.

Rebecca’s advertising job paid for her living. Also her job was not difficult that she got time to read books on Tibetan Buddhism after her working hours. The content attracted her so much that she left her job and joined the Naropa Institute at Colorado to study about ‘Mind, Language and Consciousness’. While she was touring, Rebecca started to write stories about people she met.

Rebecca Wells became an actress after moving to New York. But she was forced to sit at one place after she broke her foot while dancing. So Rebecca concentrated on writing. She has written numerous books including the New York Times best sellers, ‘The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder’ and ‘Ya-Yas in Bloom’.

Rebecca has also won numerous awards. Her book, ‘Little Altars Everywhere’ won the Western States Book Award. ‘Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood’ won the American Booksellers Book of the Year Award. This book also got shortlisted for the Orange Prize and was also made a movie. Multi-talented Rebecca has also played Jazz piano in Paris.

Although Rebecca Wells suffered for almost a decade due to the Lyme disease, she has overcome it and currently lives in a small farm on an island in the Pacific Northwest where she grows vegetables and flowers.