Rae Carson: Biography

Rae Carson

Rae Carson is an American writer of fantasy novels.

Carson’s first novel, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, was extremely successful, but it took a long time to get published. The novel was finished in 2006, and was marketed by Rae Carson’s agent as an adult fantasy novel. Since then, the market for YA fantasy has changed, and a few years later when the novel was pitched as a YA novel, it sold within 24 hours. When it was finally published in 2011, it was one of the finalists for the William C. Morris YA Award and was a runner-up for the Andre Norton Award. It won the Ohioana Book Award for Young Adult Literature and was chosen as one of the YA Library Services Association top 10 picks for young adult fiction in 2012. The Girl of Fire and Thorns is the first in a series of 5 novels, all of which have been New York Times bestsellers.

Rae Carson has spoken about writers who have influenced her own work in interviews. She has named authors such as Scott O’dell, Robin McKinley, Paolo Bagicalupi, Patrick Rothfuss and Margaret Atwood as being particularly important to her as both a reader and a writer. Carson was learning Spanish when she was writing the novel, and the Spanish influences are easy to spot. The finished book is full of references to a language which is inspired by Spanish but has been adapted to create a new hybrid language.

She now lives in Arizona with her husband, the science fiction writer Charles Coleman Finlay, and their two cats.