R.A. MacAvoy: Biography

R.A. MacAvoy

13 dec 1949

R. A. MacAvoy is an American science fiction and fantasy writer who was born on December 13, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio. She earned her bachelor degree at Case Western Reserve University and before becoming a writer she worked in the financial office at Columbia University and as a programmer elsewhere. In 1982 she took up full-time writing.

She admits that GK Chesterton, the author of the well-known Father Brown series, influenced her as a writer. This might explain some of her books being mysteries. Her first book won the John H. Campbell Award for best new writer as well as the Locus Poll New Novel Award and several of her other titles have been nominated for such awards as the Hugo, Nebula and the World Fantasy. One of her most highly praised and nominated book for awards is Tea with the Black Dragon which is a combination of fantasy, romance and a detective story.

R. A. MacAvoy has written fifteen books, some of which appear as trilogies. Some are set in the past and in strange alternate worlds where there is magic. Here dragons become human and time travel is the norm and there are many shifts between the past and present. This might be one reason why some critics describe her works as quirky, yet witty and intriguing.

R. A. MacAvoy is married to Ronald Allen Cain.