Paula Brackston: Biography

Paula Brackston

The New York Times best-selling author Paula Brackston became a popular name in the literary world through her debut novel, ‘The Witch’s Daughter’. Paula who writes under the names, ‘P.J.Brackston’ and ‘P.J.Davy’ has given some of the best historic fantasy novels and fantasy crime mystery series so far.

Paula was born in Dorset, England and grew up in Wales. Paula did a master degree in creative writing from Lancaster University. Before becoming a fiction writer, Paula tried her hand at various jobs. Some of them include travel agent, a groom on a racing yard, a secretary, an English teacher and a goat herd. But it was only in the writing profession that Paula was able to do her best. Paula is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Wales, Newport.

Paula has lived in many places and all those have become the set for her novels. Paula’s first novel, ‘The Witch’s Daughter was originally published in Feb 2009 under the title, ‘The Book of Shadows’. She is an explorer of witches and has given her fans more thrilling novels like, ‘The Winter Witch’, ‘The Midnight Witch’ and ‘The Return of the Witch. ‘Lamp Black’, ‘WolfGrey’ are some of her other works.

Appreciation poured in from all directions for Paula. In 2007, Paula was short-listed in the Creme De La crime search for new writers. Her book, ‘Nutters’ was short-listed for the Mind book Award in 2010. She also got selected by the BBC under their New Welsh Writers scheme. Paula now lives in Wales with her partner and two children and continues to explore her writing skill.