Pamela Dean: Biography

Pamela Dean

Pamela Collins Dean Dyer-Bennet, more commonly known as Pamela Dean, was born in 1953 is an American author of fantasy books. She was born in Illinois, and grew up living in Illinois, Missouri and Nebraska. She attended Carleton College, graduating with a BA in English, before going on to study for an MA at SUNY – Binghampton.

Dean has had 6 novels published and 8 short stories but is best known for her novel Tam Lin, a book which was inspired by the Scottish legend of the same name. It was published in March 1991 by Tor Books and tells the story of a student at a fictional college in Minnesota. It is a retelling of the story of the Scot Tam Lin and how he was rescued from the Queen of the Fairies by his true love. The novel is also filled with allusions and references to great literary works such as The Iliad, The Revenger’s Tragedy and the plays of William Shakespeare.

In 2012, Pamela Dean announced that Going North, the sequel that she had written to The Dubious Hills and The Whim of the Dragon, had been rejected by her publisher. This left her to make serious edits to the manuscript and to find alternative ways of getting the book to press. As yet it still has not been published.

Dean married another fan of science fiction and fantasy novels, David Dyer-Bennet in 1982. Dean openly practices polyamory. When she isn’t reading or writing, Dean enjoys cooking, gardening, the great outdoors and the theatre. She and her husband live in Minneapolis with their family and five cats.