Neva Squires-Rodriguez: Biography

Neva Squires-Rodriguez

Neva Squires-Rodriguez was born and brought up in the North of Chicago. She attended American Military University. Once she had graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree, she went on to study for a Master’s at National University. She works as a journalist, writing columns for Reflejos Suburban Newspaper. She also works dispatching calls for the 911 centre in Chicago. This is undoubtedly where she has picked up some of the ideas for her novels and what helps her to write about danger and suspense.

Her first book, Liliana, follows the story of a girl whose mother is killed right in front of her. She is shot when they are walking through the street in Chicago. Liliana goes to live with her father, a man she doesn’t know, in Colombia, a place she has never been to. She has to work hard in order to pay the debts that her Dad has manged to build up. It is whilst working that she falls in love with a man who takes her away from her father’s grasp. However, the world that he brings her into is filled with dangers and lies. Liliana is the first in a series of three novels which follow the life of the same protagonist.

Neva Squires-Rodriguez describes herself as the typical American woman in that she is always dreaming of a life which is more comfortable. She is married with children and writes her novels in her spare time.