Nalini Singh: Biography

Nalini Singh

Author Nalini Singh famous for her works on paranormal romances has published more than 25 novels and sold more than 6 million copies in 20 languages. Nalini has a great smile and she makes sure that even her stories end happily. She has the credit of being the author whose books got into New York Times Best Seller list 25 times.

Nalini Singh of Indian descent was born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand. She studied at Mount Roskill Grammar School. Nalini loved reading a lot. She had the habit of choosing an author and reading their entire books from her school library. She then studied English Literature and Law at Auckland University.

Nalini never thought that she would choose writing to be her career. She did many jobs as a lawyer, a librarian, a candy factory general hand, temp in bank and an English teacher. She also worked in Japan for three years.

One fine day Nalini heard the news that Silhouette Desire was interested to get her first book ‘Desert Warrior’. Nalini’s dream thus came true as her first book got published in 2002. This was the wakeup call which made her realise that she should pursue her career in writing. Nalini admits that all the other jobs that she did had contributed to her writing in one way or the other.

All her stories have an element of romance in them. Nalini’s mother read all her stories. Most of her books appeared on the Publishers Weekly Best Sellers list. Her works were highly appreciated and honoured with many awards. Nalini won Sir Julius Vogel Award for best novella / novelette twice. For ‘Clendon Award’, she stood third in the list of Romance Writers of New Zealand. Her manuscript ‘Coaxing the Sheik’ won the Jane Porter Award as well as Clendon’s Readers Choice Award of that year.

Although Nalini Singh currently resides in New Zealand, she’s most known in U.S and Germany. She loves touring and meets her fans wherever she travels. With much passion, Nalini likes to continue her good work until she gets old.