Meg Wolitzer: Biography

Meg Wolitzer

28 maj 1959

Meg Wolitzer is a bestselling American writer born in New York on May 28, 1959. With a mother as a writer, Meg also knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps. Thus, it was not surprising that she studied creative writing at Smith College and wrote her first novel while still an undergraduate before going on to Brown University.

Meg Wolitzer writes mainly about gender issues such as women having to choose between work and family and having made the choices, wondering if they were the right ones. Her books also explore human sexuality and feminist themes, relative to women’s liberation and its effects on family, notably, women and children. She admits focusing on women’s inner lives and her novels are seen as witty, insightful, thought-provoking, compelling and character-driven.

Meg Wolitzer has written nine novels for adults, one book for children, another for young adults and co-authored a non-fiction cryptic crossword puzzle book with Jesse Green. One of her short stories also appeared in Best American Short Stories for 1998 and two films have been made based on her book This is My Life and Surrender, Dorothy.

Meg Wolitzer has taught at several creative writing workshops and conferences and has lectured at universities on the same topic. She lives in New York and lectures at Stony Brook Southampton campus of the State University of New York in their Master of Fine Arts program. She is married to a writer, Richard Panek, and they have two sons.