Mary-Louise Parker: Biography

Mary-Louise Parker

02 aug 1964

Mary-Louise Parker, an award-winning actress, was born on August 2, 1964 in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. She studied drama at the North Carolina School of Arts and went on to become an award-winning actress in several films on television and the big screen. As an author, she is known for a single book, Dear Mr. You, which was published in and has drawn much critical acclaim.

With regards to her being an author, Mary-Louise Parker admits to always writing poetry and short stories, some at the request of her friends when she was young. This led later to her writing articles for magazines until she began writing regularly for Esquire.

Mary-Louise Parker’s book, Dear Mr. You, is an anthology of letters written to the men whom she considered as important in her life. These included her grandfather and father, friends, strangers and lovers. The critics consider her unconventional use of letters rather than the traditional narrative format to be innovative and very effective in capturing and conveying, in the distinctive voice of the author, the depth and complexity of the relationships. That she wrote the book in the form of letters should not be too surprising since she loves writing letters and was greatly influenced by those her father wrote.

Mary-Louise Parker makes it very clear that she wrote the book as a tribute to her father. Nevertheless, she expresses gratitude to all the men, good and bad, that have contributed to the kind of person she has become.

Mary-Louise Parker is a single mother with two children, one of whom she adopted from Ethiopia.