Mary Higgins Clark: Biography

Mary Higgins Clark

24 dec 1927

Mary Higgins Clark is often referred to as the queen of suspense. Her books have sold in more than 80 million copies and all of her more than 25 novels are still available in print. Her first suspense novel Where Are The Children? are in its 75th edition and has been re-issued as a Simon & Schuster classic. Mary Higgins Clark has received numerous awards and all of her suspense novels have been bestsellers.

Mary Higgins Clark was born on Christmas Eve 1927 and grew up during the depression. Her father an owner of an Irish Pub brought relative wealth to the family. He died when she was just eleven years old leaving her mother as a sole provider during war time. After graduating from high school Mary Higgins Clark went to secretary school so she could help the family with the finances. Her first job was at an advertising agency but soon she felt the urge to travel and she became a Pan American Airlines stewardess. After flying for a year she got married to Warren Clark with whom she has five children.

Mary Higgins Clark started writing when she was home taking care of the children, but it wasn’t until she became a young widow she really put her mind to it and started to write every morning from 5-7 before bringing her children to school.

After her huge success with Where Are The Children Mary Higgins Clark went back to get a degree in Philosophy. Put in philosophic terms you could say she started to tell herself she could because The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.