Mary Doria Russell: Biography

Mary Doria Russell

19 aug 1950

Mary Doria Russell received the honourable Arthur C. Clarke Prize for her very first novel. Mary was such a talented author. She was born in the suburban Chicago on 19 Aug, 1950 to parents who were both in Navy. Her father was a Marine Corps drill Sergeant and her mother was a navy nurse. Mary had an addiction to vocabulary and along with her younger brother Richard; they developed a dismaying vocabulary at a very young age.

Mary was very studious and she has a solid educational background studying cultural anthropology, social anthropology and also acquired a doctorate in biological anthropology. Although a Catholic by birth, Mary later converted to Judaism. Mary has won many awards for almost all her works.

The Entertainment Weekly chose Mary’s first novel, ‘The Sparrow’ as one of the Ten Best Books of the Year. The book also won the Arthur C. Clarke Prize, the British Science Fiction for Best Novel in 1998. The sequel written to this novel named, ‘Children of God’ won the Friends of the Library USA Readers Choice Award and was nominated for the Hugo Award Best Novel. Mary also won the John. W. Campbell Award for Best Writer in 1998 for ‘The Sparrow’ series.

The great compliment to Mary came from the renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, who told the New York Times Sunday Book Review that Mary will be one among the three writers whom he would invite to a literary dinner party along with Joan Breton Connelly and Kristen.R.Ghodsee. Mary’s fictional biography was one of the Washington Post’s three best novels of the Year and the American Library Association’s Best Historic Novel.

Mary Doria Russell currently resides in Lyndhurst, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland with her husband Don Russell. Their son Daniel is now a Hollywood film and digital media editor.