Mary Alice Monroe: Biography

Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Alice Monroe is an American New York Times bestselling author. After moving to South Carolina, Monroe became fascinated by the natural environment around her and developed a passion for conservation. It is this passion which drives the heart of her novels and children’s books. She began writing after she was prescribed bed rest during the late stages of pregnancy, and started to write about things close to her heart.

She has written nearly 20 books in total, almost all of which feature conservation issues and projects somewhere in the narrative, even if this not the main focus of the story. She has won a number of different awards including the South Carolina Book Festival Award for Excellence in Writing and an RT Lifetime Achievement Award.

Her most well-known novel is The Butterfly’s Daughter. It was published in May 2011, and was awarded the International Book Award for Green Fiction in the same year. In 2012, it was chosen as one of the finalists for SIBA Book of the Year. The novel follows four different women as they set off on a journey to follow the monarch butterfly migration from the United States down to Mexico.

Mary Alice Monroe now lives just outside Charleston, South Carolina, on a barrier island. When she is not working on her books, she is an active conservationist and is a member for the Board of the South Carolina Aquarium. She is also active in campaigning for community literary projects, and sits on the Board for Charleston Literacy volunteers. She makes contributions to a variety of different blogs and magazines on a regular basis and often speaks at literature festivals.