Martha Conway: Biography

Martha Conway

Martha M. Conway is an American author. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and was raised alongside her 6 sisters. She has since moved several times but now lives and writes in San Francisco, having been awarded a California Arts Council Fellowship.

Conway’s first novel, 12 Bliss Street, was published in June 2003. It is the story of a woman who is evicted from her apartment in San Francisco and gets kidnapped on the same day. She ends up being swept into a dangerous world of sleazy online erotica. It received a nomination for an Edgar Award. Conway’s second novel, Sugarland, is a mystery story set in the jazz scene in the 1920s. A young pianist is a key witness to a drive-by shooting. Her third novel, Thieving Forest, won the historical fiction category at the North American Book Awards.

In addition to her novels, Martha M. Conway is also a prolific writer of short stories and short pieces of fiction. Her works have appeared in many different journals included The Quarterly, The Carolina Quarterly, The Iowa Review, The Mississippi Review and The Massachusetts Review.

As well as writing her own novels, Conway is very active in helping others to start writing or to improve their creative writing skills. She has previously taught on creative writing courses at Stanford University and at UC Berkeley Extension. Now, she mainly encourages people to write though her website and social media. Conway tweets prompts to get people to write for 10 minutes each day.