Marlene Perez: Biography

Marlene Perez

Marlene Perez is an author of paranormal thrillers and urban fantasy books for young teens. She has also written under the pen name, Lana Perez. Several of the books in her Her Dead Is series has received much acclaim, including the first in the series, Dead is the New Black (2008, which was named an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers and an ALA Popular Paperback) and Dead is Just a Rumor (2012, on VOYA’s Best Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy List). Disney has optioned the rights to the first three books in the series. Perez’s novels have also been featured in Girl’s Life, Seventeen, and Cosmo.

Most recently, Marlene Perez completed three novels for her Nyx Fortuna series (2013-2014). Whereas the Dead Is series centers around psychic sisters who solve mysteries in their hometown of Nightshade, California, the Nyx Fortuna series is about a centuries-old man (Nyx Fortuna) who appears to be twenty something. Hunted by three aunts who killed his mother, he attempts to chase them down in Minneapolis where they have apparently set up business.

The youngest of twelve children, Marlene Perez grew up in Story City, Iowa, and currently lives in Orange County, California with her family. She is a fan of Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat and Mayfair Witches books. She has always enjoyed Greek mythology, and one of her favorite children’s books is A Wrinkle in Time. She says that every book begins with a character she loves and wants to spend time with.