Marjane Satrapi: Biography

Marjane Satrapi

22 nov 1969

Marjane Satrapi got wide popularity for her autobiography, ‘Persepolis’, which was also made an animated film. The film was nominated for the Academy Award under Best Animated film category. Marjane is also gaining popularity as one of the world’s most important graphic novelist.

Marjane Satrapi’s character is peculiar. She believes to have inherited it from her father. She is not a person who can abide by the rules that someone imposes on her. Due to this behaviour, she even had issues with the teachers in School. Her family were descendants of Nasser al-Din-Shah, Shah of Persia.

Marjane was born at Rasht and grew up in Tehran. Her father was an engineer, her mother a dress designer and Marjane was their only child. Marjane spent 19 years in Iran witnessing the cruelty of wars and bomb blasts. As a young girl, she also experienced the Iraqi air raids and missile attacks on Tehran.

In 1984, Marjane’s parents sent her to Vienna to flee the Iranian regime, but after few years Marjane returned to Tehran. She studied illustration at the Strasburg School of Decorative Arts. She also received a Masters Degree in Visual Communication from Islamic Azad University in Tehran. Marjane had the habit of taking drugs.

When Marjane Satrapi was 21, she married Reza but divorced three years later. She then moved to France. Marjane has written many children’s books. She is the director of the dark comedy, ‘The Voices’. Though Marjane has struggled and seen lot of turmoil during her young age, she is multi-talented and she is working on bringing all of them to limelight.