Marian Keyes: Biography

Marian Keyes

10 sep 1963

Marian Keyes was born September 10, 1963, in Limerick, Ireland. Marian Keyes began writing short stories before completing her first novel.

Marian Keyes has also spent time in a rehabilitation clinic for alcoholism and has been alcohol-free since leaving the clinic in 1994. She began writing the first short stories 4 month before she finally quitted drinking.

For Marian Keyes writing has been a good friend her books are published worldwide and have been translated into twenty-nine different languages. Marian Keyes has sold millions of copies with Rachel's Holiday (a story of a young drug-addicted woman) alone selling more than 3 million copies.

Humor is an important part of Marian Keyes novels…and life, being a bit melancholic humor has a protective effect, and it's the Irish way to tell stories.

Marian Keyes is a former accountant- studied at the university college in Dublin - and she also studied the law, but she never became a lawyer. She is married to Tony (since 1995), they have no children.