Maddie Dawson: Biography

Maddie Dawson

Currently a resident of Connecticut, author Maddie Dawson’s family members were all great story tellers. Even now she remembers the several evenings that she has spent as a young girl listening to the stories of her mom, aunts and other cousins. Hence Maddie got a flair for writing about what she had heard.

Maddie Dawson completed her graduation in English and also did a course in journalism to add additional value to it. Her many jobs includes a departmental store clerk, English teacher, medical record typist, waitress, receptionist in a wedding invitation company, nanny, day care worker and electro cardiogram technician. Out of all the jobs that she has been to, Maddie loved the part-time job of a typist for a Psychiatrist.

After seeing and have done a handful of jobs, Maddie switched her career to column writing and then to writing in magazines. Along with taking care of her kids, Maddie started writing a novel about marriage and relationships. Maddie always had a liking towards writing about complicated love lives.

One of her novel, ‘The Stuff That Never Happened’, published in Aug 2010 brought her huge recognition. It was a story of modern marriage which portrays the truth about romantic love. Another novel published by Crown named, ‘The Opposite of Maybe’ was also an instant hit.

Maddie Dawson has also published three novels under the name Sandi Kahn Shelton. Maddie continues to carry over her family’s legacy of story-telling.