M.L. Stedman: Biography

M.L. Stedman

M.L. Stedman is the author of the best-selling historical novel, ‘The Light between Oceans’. This novel turns out to be her debut novel which is set in the time period following World War I. It is about the story of a lighthouse keeper and his wife who founds out a dead man and a crying baby on the shores of the Australian Coast.

The novel was a huge success that Stedman was offered a six figure for the book. An Australian by birth, Stedman currently lives in London. Only a little of Stedman’s personal life is known to the outside world. According to M.L. Stedman, her personal life has nothing to do with attracting readers or to boost her books sales.

From a young age, she has always wondered the art of crafting words. Stedman was working as a lawyer before becoming a full-time writer. The idea of using her talent in creative writing stuck Stedman’s mind when she was staring at her computer screen in office. Stedman decided to nourish her idea. So she hired a tutor who would coach her in creative writing and took a holiday and went to Greece.

It was during her holiday in Greece that she wrote her first story, ‘Flight’. Stedman also went to University of London to study creative-writing as a part-time course. She published, ‘Desperate Remedies’ in 2008. Stedman is a great admirer of authors like Graham Greene, Cormac McCarthy, Marilynne Robinson, Anne Michaels, Dickens, Eliot and Salinger.

Although M.L. Stedman has produced some good works, she is not fully confident to call herself a writer.