Lucy Score: Biography

Lucy Score

Lucy Score is an American author of romance novels. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania as the oldest of three siblings. She grew up in a household surrounded by books and in a family home which was often silent as all its inhabitants were happily reading. Score has always known that she wanted to be a writer, and spent much of her childhood reading and writing stories. She had many jobs before becoming a professional writer. Score worked as a yoga instructor, bartender, event planner and newspaper assistant before writing novels for a living.

Score is a writer of romance novels. Her first book, No More Secrets, was published at the beginning of 2015. It is the first book in The Pierce Brothers series. It follows the relationship between Carter Pierce, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, and Summer Lentz, an editor from a city newspaper. Both of the characters have skeletons in their closets, and the novel explores whether or not these secrets will come between the two protagonists.

Her second novel, Pretend You’re Mine, is another romance novel. It tells the story of Harper and Luke, neither of whom particularly want a relationship. They are only supposed to be together for a month but will things get more serious?

Score has only just begun her writing career. She is yet to win any awards for her writing, but has many more novels in the pipeline.