Lucy Maud Montgomery: Biography

Lucy Maud Montgomery

30 nov 1874

Lucy Maud Montgomery, better known as L. M. Montgomery, was a Canadian writer born in 1874. She is most commonly remembered for her children’s novel Anne of Green Gables. This book became an almost instant success, and made Montgomery a wealthy and famous woman with an international following.

Montgomery was raised in Prince Edward Island, Canada, by her grandparents following the death of her mother. She had quite a lonely and solitary childhood, and she began to dream up stories and imaginary scenarios in order to entertain herself. This was the basis for her lifelong career as an author. After she finished high school, Montgomery began to teach in local schools in the area in order to earn the money to sustain herself as a writer. She never really enjoyed teaching, but it allowed her the luxury of being able to write in her spare time. It was whilst working as a teaching that she had her first story published in 1897. Over the following 10 years, she would publish more than 100 stories in magazines.

She went on to write a series of sequels to Anne of Green Gables which were nearly as popular as the first one. The stories were nearly all set in Prince Edward Island, where Montgomery was born and raised, and they began to make local sites into famous literary landmarks.

She was an extremely prolific writer, publishing 20 novels and more than a thousand poems and short stories during her lifetime. Lucy Maud Montgomery died in Toronto in 1942 from a coronary thrombosis. Montgomery suffered from depression and it has never been established whether or not she took her own life.