Lisa See: Biography

Lisa See

18 feb 1955

Lisa See was born in Paris, but grew up in Los Angeles. There she spent a lot of time with her Chinese relatives in Chinatown. Although hard to see, Lisa’s great-grandfather Fong See became a 100 year old godfather of Los Angeles Chinatown. Her first book On Gold Mountain tells the story of her Chinese-American family. In her other novels she also writes about Chinese culture and history, as Lisa See states, she writes about the things she know about and she know about her family and China. Her educational background with a major in Modern Greek Studies taught her and made her enjoy the pleasures of thorough research that is the fundament of her novels.

Lisa See did not wish for having children and she had no intention of ever getting married when she lived in Europe during her youth. Then she always wanted to live out of a suitcase always ready to explore new adventures. But priorities change for many and so they did for Lisa See who is married to an attorney, Richard Kendall with whom she lives with in Brentwood, California and they have two grown up sons, Alexander and Christopher.

Lisa See’s novels have been sold in 40 countries, they have been on numerous of bestselling lists in New York and Los Angeles. She has received awards for most of her books, including Best book in 2007 for Peony In love by SCBA and personal awards as she was honored as National Woman of the Year by the Organization of Chinese American Women in 2001.