Lisa Renee Jones: Biography

Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa Renee Jones is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Renee Jones found her talent for writing quite late on. She was well on the way to a successful acting career, having starred in films which made it to the film festival circuits, but decided that after having her children, acting wouldn’t provide her with the family lifestyle she wanted. Determined to find herself some sort of creative outlet, Renee Jones began writing novels.

Lisa Renee Jones is best known for her ‘Inside Out’ series of novels. This series was originally inspired by her own experience in buying and selling storage units. In one of the units they were selling, Renee Jones’s husband found a journal which is started to read. He then eventually managed to persuade her to write a series based on a similar situation. ‘Inside Out’ follows the life of a woman called Sara who finds a series of journals in a storage unit. It is an erotic mystery novel, as Sara becomes obsessed with the author of the journals and finds herself completely absorbed by his life. Inside Out is being made into a television series based on the series of novels.

Lisa Renee Jones lives in Colorado with her husband, Diego, and their children. She continues to write and works full time as an author. Renee Jones reads a lot in her spare time, something which she considers vital in her writing process. She has said that she particularly enjoys historical fiction as it is something which she believes that she could never write.