Lisa Brackmann: Biography

Lisa Brackmann

Lisa Brackmann is an American author, best known for her series of books starring the protagonist Ellie McEnroe. She has enjoyed writing ever since she can remember but never really planned on becoming an author. She seriously considered a career as an astronaut and then as Secretary of State. She has actually worked as an executive at a film production studio, has worked in research for a US presidential campaign and has also been a musician in a rock band in Los Angeles.

The first novel she wrote, Rock Paper Tiger, is a crime thriller set in Beijing. It follows Ellie, an American veteran who fought in the Iraq war, after the disappearance of her Chinese boyfriend, Lao Zhang. She tries to track down his captors whilst battling haunting memories from her time in Iraq. She has to fight her way through mysterious underground organisations to work out who she can trust. The novel was acclaimed for its descriptions of Chinese life and was featured among the Top 10 Mystery/Thriller books on Amazon.

Her second novel, Getaway, is the story of a woman who finds herself caught up in a cartel saga whilst on holiday in Mexico, and finds herself fighting to survive after a one night stand with a handsome stranger. It was awarded the Los Angeles Book Festival Grand Prize and also received a nomination for the T. Jefferson Parker SCIBA award.

She has since written 3 more novels, Hour of the Rat, Dragon Day and Go-Between. Lisa Brackmann currently lives and writes in San Diego. She has two pet cats and plays the bass ukulele in her spare time.