Larissa Ione: Biography

Larissa Ione

12 aug 1982

Larissa Ione is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance titles. She is a veteran of the US Air Force and gave up a career in meteorology to become a full time novelist.

She is best known for her Demonica series of romance novels which are all set in and around an underworld hospital which is staffed by demons. The first novel centres on the relationship and attraction between a demon and a demon-slayer and the conflict and passion which ensues. She herself has described her Demonica series as ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets E.R’ with the romance cranked up a notch or two.

She publishes novels under her own name, as well as titles under the name of Sydney Croft which are co-written with author Stephanie Tyler. Ione dreamed of being a writer and gave up her career in order to focus on her writing before she had any semblance of a book deal. She started to writing non-fiction and technical manuals in order to improve her general writing skills whilst publishing short stories and extracts on forums and in magazines. Eventually she signed a deal to cowriter novels with Stephanie Tyler and her own book deal followed soon after.

Larissa Ione now lives in Wisconsin with her husband, a member of the US Coastguard, and their teenage son. They have a rescue cat and a German Shepherd. She is a full time writer and can be found most days at her computer, wearing pyjamas and with a strong cup of coffee in hand.