Lara Johnson: Biography

Lara Johnson

Lara Johnson is the American author of the novel Reach the Beach. She was born and raised in Virginia but now lives near New York City. Johnson attended George Washington University in Washington D.C where she studied for a number of years before graduating with an MBA. After leaving university, Johnson worked as a financial analyst for several years before deciding to write her first novel.

Johnson is a fan of French novelists and philosophers, Albert Camus and Michel Proust, regularly tweeting their quotes. Their influence can easily be seen in her novel Reach the Beach which is highly philosophical and introspective. It tells the story of a girl called Alex who decides to go back home after just spending just one semester at Florida State University. The protagonist grapples with the idea of fate as she is convinced by a dream that she will find her one true love is she goes back home rather than staying at college.

Reach the Beach, Johnson’s first and only novel so far, was published in February 2012 through an online independent publishing platform, rather than through the traditional publishing channels.

Lara Johnson grew up reading novels written by Judy Blume. She has tweeted a photo of a notebook from when she was a child in which she signs herself as ‘the one and only Judy Blume lover’. Johnson’s own book, Reach the Beach, is itself a tale of growing up, dealing with many of the same issues as are discussed in Blume’s novels.