Kyra Davis: Biography

Kyra Davis

Born in Santa Clara, California, the American novelist Kyra Davis received international fame through her works, ‘Just One Night Trilogy’ and the ‘Sophie Katz mystery series’. Kyra has a mixed background as her mother is Jewish and of Eastern European decent and her father is an African – American.

Kyra studied Fashion design and merchandising. It was during this time; she met her first husband and married him. Kyra then acquired a bachelor’s degree in business and humanities as well. She worked as a store manager for a sports club.

Kyra’s marriage life was in trouble and so she filed for divorce in year 2001. In order to relieve from stress, Kyra started to write. She published her first work named, ‘Sex, Murder and Double Latte’ which later became part of the famous ‘Sophie Katz mystery series.

Another famous work of Kyra named, ‘Just One Night trilogy’ was published in 2013. Some of the other works of Kyra includes, ‘Just One Lie’, the pure sin series’, Deceptive Innocence, ‘So much For My Happy Ending’, ‘Dangerous Alliance’, and ‘Just Once More’. Almost all works of Kyra Davis has received positive reviews and feedbacks. In fact in 2013, ‘Just One Night Trilogy’ was optioned with the intention of developing it into a television series.

Kyra started a new life marrying director and screenwriter Rod Lurie. She is now a full - time author and television writer. The couple currently lives in Los Angles with her son, their Leopard Geeko and their pet quirky Labrador, Sophie Dodz.