Kiera Cass: Biography

Kiera Cass

Apart from a novel titled The Siren, which was self-published in 2009, the body of Kier Cass’s work has been based around The Selection series. The Selection series is a four novel sequence which explores the world of Illéa, and the romance between Prince Macon and America Singer. The fifth, and final book of the series, The Crown is set to be released in the first half of 2016, while the fourth book, The Heir was the Number One New York Times Bestseller for four straight weeks in 2015.

In addition to the novels in The Selection series, Kiera Cass has also written two novellas set in the same world, and, in 2015, Warner Brothers bought the rights to the first novel in the series, The Selection. Kiera Cass has also announced that she is working on a new series, the title and subject of which has not yet been announced.

In 2007, Kiera Cass experience what she has referred to as a ‘local tragedy’ but she has not stated what the tragedy was. According to Cass, this tragedy was the inspiration for her writing, since she says “the distance from my head to the page helped my step back a bit and cope with the things I was feeling.” Her novels, she says, have been shaped by this experience, and by the support of her family.

Kiera Cass married Calloway Cass in 2002, and a son and a daughter. Cass goes on several book tours around American each year, and says she loves the opportunity to connect with fans of her writing. She is a great lover of cupcakes.