Katie Fforde: Biography

Katie Fforde

27 sep 1952

Katie Fforde was born September 27, 1952 in England. Katie Fforde is the author of several romance novels set in modern-day England. A Publishers Weekly critic deemed Fforde's effort a "delightfully old-fashioned romance ...with a refreshing lack of gratuitous and graphic sex."

As she sais herself "I write light hearted novels, mainly for women, which, while designed to entertain, do have a slightly deeper aspect, for those who care to see it. My heroines are real women, to whom other women can relate. "

Katie FForde uses mainly her own personal experiences as material for her novels, for the last few novels she has however turned to do more research, because she thinks that she is running out of material.

Katie Fforde has three children, Guy, Francis and Briony and didn't start writing before she had the third of them. Katie Forde enjoys singing, gardening and is very fond of pets too, which is also used in her novels. For example her elderly cat had a role in ”Living Dangerously”. Katie Fforde has previously worked both as a cleaning lady and in a health food café. So in those terms she is a lot like her characters.