Kate Wilhelm: Biography

Kate Wilhelm

08 jun 1928

Kate Wilhelm is an American author of science fiction, mystery and fantasy novels and short stories. She was born Katie Gertrude Meredith in Ohio in 1928 and attended high school in Louisville, Kentucky. She had many jobs before becoming a full time professional writer, including positions as a switchboard operator, sales assistant, model, telephone operator and insurance underwriter. She married her first husband, Joseph Wilhelm, in 1947 and together they had 2 children. They were divorced in 1962 and a year later she married Damon Knight.

Wilhelm’s first published work was a short story called The Pint-Size Genie. In 1956 it appeared in an issue of Fantastic, fantasy and science fiction magazine. The following year she had a story published in Astounding Science Fiction magazine and many more stories followed, being published in dozens of different magazines.

Wilhelm’s first novel was published in 1963 by Simon & Schuster. It was a murder mystery novel and marked the first of a large collection. In 2003, Wilhelm was awarded a place in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. In 2009, she received an inaugural Solstice Award presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Wilhelm designed the trophy for the first ceremony of the annual Nebula Awards, and has since gone on to win 3 of her own. She has also received 2 much-sought after Hugo Awards.

Kate Wilhelm continues to live in Eugene Oregon, where she has lived for nearly 4 decades. In 2012, she, along with several members of her family, founded InfinityBox Press in order to release all of Wilhelm’s books, new and existing, in e-book format.