Kate Morton: Biography

Kate Morton

Kate Morton started out thinking she should be an actor and studied classical drama and English literature. But one day she had an epiphany and realized it was words she loved and not so much performing. Kate Morton had actually always been reading and scribbling but never realized, that the novels she read were written by real people just like her. When she grew up with her two sisters in Queensland, Australia it was make believe games they played, she read Enid Blytons the Famous Five and the mysteries and secrets have found their way into her own books.

Kate Mortons first novel The Shifting Fog/The house of Riverton became a huge success and have sold in more than a million copies, which in Australia where you reach the bestseller lists with 10.000 copies is outstanding. So there is no doubt that they are very proud of her Down Under and now her novels have been sold in more than 30 countries.

Kate Morton continued to educate herself and have a Masters degree focusing on tragedy in Victorian literature. Besides that she is enrolled in a Phd program researching contemporary novels that marry elements of gothic and mystery fiction.

It is the day-to-day business of motherhood that keeps Kate Morton grounded after the success she has had with her 2 first novels. She and her husband Davin Patterson, a composer, have two sons Oliver, five, and Louis, two.