Karina Halle: Biography

Karina Halle

Karina Halle is a Canadian New York Times bestselling writer of more than 20 romance and fantasy novels. She was born to a Norwegian father and a Finnish mother and was raised in Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from Vancouver Film School and from TRU with a degree in journalism and worked as a travel writer and music journalist for a number of years before becoming a full-time novelist.

Halle’s many novels span a variety of different genres and have therefore been influenced by writers of many different styles. She has spoken about drawing inspiration from the works of Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Josh Homme, Mike Patton and Christopher Pike.

Halle has an eclectic mix of novels to her name. Perhaps her most well-known work is her Experiment in Terror Series: a nine-part set of novels which revolves around a ghost-hunting couple Perry and Dex. It is part sci-fi, part fantasy, part horror and part romance. Her other novels are mostly romance titles, pairing unlikely combinations of interesting characters . There is usually more to her stories than a straight-forward romantic plot, as she explores recurring themes such as morality, autonomy and freedom. Most of her novels belong to a series, to this date she has only written 2 stand-alone novels.

Karina Halle lives on an island just off the coast of British Columbia with her husband. She enjoys the great outdoors and hiking with her rescue dog.