Karin Slaughter: Biography

Karin Slaughter

06 jan 1971

Karin Slaughter was born on January 6, 1971 in Atlanta, USA. During her childhood she was an avid reader of books about Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys which might explain her early interest in crime mysteries plus the fact that she loved solving puzzles. Her knowledge of the dark side of crime came early when she learnt about missing children. This made her very paranoid growing up. She also had a relative who was a detective and she had wanted to be a police officer when she grew up.

Karin Slaughter is regarded as one of the top international crime fiction writers with over 30 million books published in 32 languages in print. Several of her over twenty books have appeared on the top best books lists for women of Good Housekeeping, Redbook and the Wall Street Journal.

She is well known for her Grant County Series centered around a police chief, a part-time coroner and a detective while her Will Trent series featuring a special agent and his female partner.

Although her many of books are gory, violent and deal explicitly with sexual matters, they are extremely popular and are also described as powerful, riveting and filled with high suspense that have the readers coming back for more. She states that she uses violence as a vehicle for discussing related social issues like domestic abuse and she tends to focus on women and how they respond to emotional trauma.

Karin Slaughter admits to loving cats a lot and being a cupcake addict.